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Studio Makeup Artist

Are you ready to get your picture taken? Do you end up looking different in photos with your makeup on? Makeup for studio photos is completely different from your every day makeup. We at Makeup Artists Malaysia are here to make you ready in front of the camera. We offer just the right headshot makeup for a photogenic you. Our team of makeup artists are certified to make you photo shoot ready.

Here are some studio makeup tips that can help you be ready even for a close up:

  • Radiant skin courtesy of Makeup Artists Malaysia– Don’t worry about zits and dull-looking skin. Our makeup artists can make sure you get a flawless, glowing skin that looks good on photos. You won’t need a lot of photo editing to look flawless on photos. They have four or more years of experience. They have handled clients that also had their photos taken. They make use of high grade makeup brands so flawless, radiant skin is guaranteed.
  • Get a natural makeup (not light makeup) from freelance makeup artists – Our makeup artists make sure application of makeup is even by not applying foundation uniformly. They make sure no mottled pattern is seen in the picture. For studio makeup or photo shoot makeup you would need more makeup than what you typically wear on a daily basis.
  • Wear false lashes – This is to make your eyes standout and do not disappear on your headshots. If you are not at ease with wearing false lashes then make you can go for applying three coats of mascara. For a natural look, try wearing half lashes instead of full fake lashes.

Where to find a professional studio makeup artist

Makeup Artists Malaysia is your one-stop destination in finding a professional makeup artist to make you photo shoot ready. We have makeup artists in different parts of the region to cater to your needs. They are also freelance makeup artists so even if they are not based in your location they can still offer their services at a reasonable price.

Our studio makeup artists are renowned professionals in their respective places. All of them have excellent portfolios. You can their works here by browsing their makeup portfolios. No need to second guess if you pick the right makeup artist. You will know their works even before they attend to you.

Additional Makeup for Studio tips

  • Wear an outfit with a popping color.  Bright colors look pretty on photos plus they can instantly make you look radiant. With the right application of makeup and bright colored outfit, you will definitely look picture perfect.
  • Don’t forget powder. You will need a matte finish so as not to look oily in photos. Thus, you would need powder.
  • Coordinate with your makeup artist ahead of time. It is best if you contact one of our makeup artists in advance. This can help you plan out how you would want to look in your studio photos. Our makeup artists can also give you studio makeup ideas to help you look better in pictures.

With Makeup Artists Malaysia, you would definitely look picture perfect.

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