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Shanghai makeup has made it to the west coast. It has inspired many famous makeup artists in the west in doing their makeup. No wonder Shanghai makeup style is well-loved by many. It can be seen in plays, in events, in shows and even everyday makeup has a touch of Shanghai makeup.  If you are looking for someone who can create the best Shanghai makeup, then you come at the right place. Makeup Artists Malaysia gathers the best professional makeup artists to help you get the best makeup services.

Shanghai makeup embodies the power and culture of women and China. Its style is strong, sophisticated yet very feminine. To capture this look requires the touch of freelance makeup artists who have the talent and training. Our makeup artists have these two to make sure you get the most of what you pay for. They can also give you suggestions on Shanghai makeup tips that suit your natural beauty. Our makeup artists can adjust the way this kind of makeup is done to match your features. They can also transform your look if you are wearing this for a performance or a production.

Makeup artists of Hollywood stars are inspired by makeup from Shanghai. You can see stars rocking that winged eye look in many events. There is no doubt that this style of makeup is timeless. It never goes out of fashion. You don’t need to be a celebrity to get that Shanghai inspired makeup. Our team of makeup artists only makes use of high grade cosmetic products to guarantee desired results and for long wear. They use Nars, MAC, Bobbi Brown and Chanel, to mention a few. 


These are the same brands of makeup most celebrities wear. Makeup Artists Malaysia makes star quality beauty available to everyone. It is our goal to make excellent quality makeup services easier to find and to have.

If you want to know these beauty experts more, you can browse through their portfolios. You will definitely have an idea on their style by looking at their brilliant works. It’s up to you to decide if one of them matches your taste. We guarantee that all of them give satisfying results. They do not only have the skills, tools, techniques but they also have the personality to match. They are warm and friendly to make sure you enjoy your beauty experience with them. For Chinese-inspired makeup, and for any other types of makeup, trust our makeup artists to do an excellent job.  You can contact them here.

Makeup Artists Malaysia brings makeup artists and clients a venue to meet. It offers a convenient way to reach out to makeup artists and for makeup artists to reach out to more people who need their services. But we don’t stop there. We continue to look for makeup artists who have the talent and personality to contribute to our vision of becoming the best online resource in the world of makeup in Malaysia. So if you are one talented makeup artists, send us your works.

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