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Portrait Makeup

Are you ready for your close up? Are you ready to hit the outdoors and face the sun to have your portrait taken? There are portrait makeup tips and tricks for you to know to make sure you look great in your portrait photos.  But for a more convenient and guaranteed way of doing your makeup, better call on the services of a professional portrait makeup artist. There are certain principles to follow in doing makeup for portrait photos. This is because of the lighting that can flatten your features. The outdoor’s natural lighting can also make flaws on your skin more visible. But you don’t have to worry because you come at the right place, here at Makeup Artists Malaysia. We make sure you look timeless and flawlessly beautiful in your portrait.

Here are important things to consider in doing your headshot makeup or portrait makeup:

  • Perfectly apply foundation. Portraits are usually taken outdoors so your skin’s imperfection will be more apparent under natural light. This is why you would need an expert to perfectly apply foundation to even out your skin tone.
  • Portrait makeup is more dramatic than your every day makeup. This means you would need the touch of a professional makeup artist to make sure you look vibrant on photos. We at Makeup Artists Malaysia will make you photo ready at your convenience. For your features to look beautiful on photos, they should be enhanced. For instance, our makeup artists will put on fake lashes to make your eyes even more appealing.
  • Retouch. This is where having a freelance makeup artist comes in a handy. Even if you have a long-lasting coverage you would still need to do some retouch on your makeup especially when you are taking portraits outdoors. The heat can melt your makeup.
  • Contouring is a must. Makeup Artists Malaysia is composed of professional makeup artists so they definitely know how to do contouring to accent your bone structure. They make use of warm colors since strong lighting can wash gold tones from your skin. They can also guarantee you have a consistent skin tone on your neck, collarbone and chest. They are highly skilled and complete with tools and technique to make you look fabulous on your portraits. They definitely know how to apply makeup given a particular lighting.



Why hire a professional makeup artist for your portrait makeup? Why choose us?

You are having your portrait photo taken for a reason. It can’t just be another photo of you. It ought to be special. This is why you would need a makeup expert who can make you look good in your portrait shots. Your portrait should radiate your personality. Your looks should not fade throughout time. It takes not just a professional photographer to capture this. You would also need a freelance makeup artist to attend to you.

Don’t worry about finding a makeup artist. We have the best ones here. You can take a look at their portfolios and see who can best capture your style. These makeup artists will improve your portrait and adds glamour to your photos. We make sure your portraits create an impact and have that professional look. We can smoothen out flaws on skin to make you look flawless and radiant in photos. With more than four years of experience, our makeup artists have been there and done that. They know what kind of makeup fits you well. They are also at the same time very open to what you want and can give you excellent makeup tips for portrait photos.

At Makeup Artists Malaysia, we do not simply transform your look but we accentuate your best features to radiate who you are even in photos.

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