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Period M­­­­akeup

Makeup has come a long way. It has evolved throughout thousands of years. There are so many elements, styles, techniques and tools which have been used in different cultures worldwide. This makes period makeup very interesting. Not every professional makeup artist is knowledgeable on makeup styles in different periods. Makeup Artist Malaysia gathers a variety of talented makeup artist who can create looks that emerge on different periods of time.

Makeup has many uses. Women use it every day for work. They wear makeup for special occasions. There’s fashion makeup, stage makeup and photo makeup. But the vast selections of makeup styles belong to period makeup. No matter what period of makeup it belongs to, you can count on our professional makeup artists to create the look you want. Some go for vintage makeup which remains fashionable at our time. This look is timeless. It is one of the classic makeup styles that captivated many throughout the years. But there are also period makeup styles which truly reflect a certain period which make them look very outdated. This kind of period makeup is mainly used for TV and films and for stage makeup. These period makeup styles are used for actors, actresses, models and performers to help establish the setting of a story. Whatever the look you want to capture is achieved in the hands of freelance makeup artists. Makeup Artists Malaysia gathers makeup artists in different field of expertise to bring in the best period makeup looks that transcends time.

We gather the best makeup artists in Malaysia to create period looks that can make you feel like you traveled back in time or maybe traveled to the future. We have makeup artists who are known for their works in film and TV productions. With the help of these beauty experts, actors and actresses can better portray their characters. We have makeup artists who are experts in Chinese Opera makeup. Their creative facial makeup makes audience feel their back in ancient Chinese dynasties. You can see their works here at Makeup Artists Malaysia.


Our talented group of makeup artists can also translate period facial makeup into a contemporary look. They can make a modern look inspired from a look from the 1920s. Your look can also try a retro look with a modern twist. All these are made possible in the hands of the experts. Are you thinking about a period-inspired wedding, maybe a Victorian inspired wedding? Then hire one of these makeup specialists.

Meet the best professional makeup artists who can pull off any period-inspired makeup looks. They do not only have the talent and skills to match your makeup needs but they also have the personality. You would definitely enjoy getting prettified by these professionals. Their excellent services would give you the best value for your money. So what are you waiting for? Get to know them here.

We continuously invite more talented makeup artists to join us in spreading beauty to more people. Are you one of them? We want to know you. Submit your portfolio here.

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