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Temporary Tattoo Cover Up

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Having a tattoo is a pretty exciting thing as they look attractive and cool. But the biggest flaw of having a tattoo is that it stays, forever. Due to this many people refrain from the temptation scared of not wanting it eventually. At Makeup Artists Malaysia (MuaM) we have a solution for this dilemma. Temporary tattoo cover up is a method we use to cover up your tattoo.

Bride Request for Airbrush Cover the Tattoo at Her back

The Bride Requested for Airbrush to Cover the Tattoo at Her back

At Meetings or Weddings

Having a tattoo definitely looks cool while walking casually in the street or at concerts but there are certain occasions where having a tattoo may raise eyebrows. For example, you will look unruly if people see your tattoo at a relative’s wedding. Or if the interviewer sees your tattoo during the interview you will look very unprofessional. Questions about your attitude or decency might be raised. Temporary tattoo cover up is a technique for such occasions.

Best Quality

MuaM provides airbrush technique to cover the tattoo and it will cover more than 80%, if not completely cover the tattoo. It is durable and safe to use. It can last for a complete day provided it is exposed to optimum temperature and weather conditions.

Much More

Airbrush technique is not only limited to covering tattoos but it also covers the scars or flaws on your body. However, it depends on how serious the scar or mark is but it will surely cover most of it. Temporary tattoo cover up service is available in Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, and Penang. If you live outside the aforementioned cities just let us know and we will travel to your place. Note: Transportation charges will be added.

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