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Malay Bridal Makeup

Malay weddings are not your ordinary weddings.  They are grand affairs more festive than most weddings. This is the time where couples are treated like royalties. This is the time you should get the services of a professional makeup artist to make sure your Malay bridal makeup look extra fabulous. No need to worry about spending time and effort in finding one we have them all here at Makeup Artists Malaysia(MuaM).

A Malay wedding is not a one day event. It is celebrated for several days which begin with Henna-staining ceremony to Bersanding which is the actual wedding. This means having a freelance bridal makeup artist is more essential.  She would need someone who can accompany her in different ceremonies and locations. Having a freelance makeup artist for bridal makeup Malay style would not only guarantee the bride look fresh and pretty throughout the day but at the same time give her comfort and convenience she needs.

  • Malay Bridal Makeup


If you are looking for the best freelance makeup artist, then you come at the right place. MuaM gathers them in one place. You can even check their works here.With the number of events that took place in a traditional Malay wedding, you would need a professional makeup artist adept in doing Malay wedding makeup. The Henna-staining ceremony, itself, requires a bride to change five or six times as a sign of good luck. This calls for a makeup artist who can create a look that fits the beauty of the bride for this certain ceremony. Our talented makeup artists have handled several Malay wedding so they definitely know how to create a look that matches the occasion and brings out your best features.

A bride definitely needs to look her best during Nikah ceremony happening on the wedding eve. This solemn event is also the time for the bride to have a bridal makeup for Malay wedding. Not any kind of makeup will do for this ceremony. This entails the skills of a professional Malay bridal makeup artist. You can book them for an appointment here.

After the two important ceremonies, a bride needs to glam up for the most significant event of all – the wedding day called Bersanding. Malay bridal makeup unlike the trending natural look is more sparkly, colorful and glamorous. As a bride, you would need to look not simply pretty but at the same time sophisticated, glamorous and beautiful. Makeup should enhance the eyes, bring color to the face and match the glamorous wedding gown. This is why you would need makeup experts from Makeup Artists Malaysia.

Not all makeup artists can pull this the Malay bridal makeup look so you would need to get a professional makeup artist whose expertise includes Malay bridal makeup. You cannot go wrong with your pick.  Here at Makeup Artists Malaysia, we invited the best makeup artist for Malay bridal makeup.

You do not have to spend hours to get a makeup artist who is good at Malay bridal makeup. In MuaM, you get to see their amazing works. See their portfolio.  By checking their works you can also derived inspiration on your own wedding. Our professional makeup artists have a strong foundation through training and years of hands-on experiences. You will enjoy being with them for they make a good company.

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