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Korean Bridal Makeup Malaysia

Korean invasion is not only trending in TVs and the music world. Korean bridal makeup in Malaysia is getting as popular as K Pop. This is not a surprise considering how adorable those sweet girl-next-door look of Korean bridal makeup. This kind of makeup is subtly beautiful. You would look effortlessly beautiful on your wedding day. How can you nail this natural radiant bridal look on your wedding day?

We have the answer. We gather the best bridal makeup artists in the region to answer every bride’s wish and whim on her wedding day. You deserve the best wedding makeup on your big day. The entire Korean wedding makeup look seems so simple yet to achieve such flawless luminous skin requires the hands of an expert. Our makeup artists have mastered their craft through numerous training, hands-on-experience and natural talent to make sure you look like an angel on your wedding day. They use high end makeup to keep you looking fresh all day long.


What makes Korean bridal makeup so appealing?

It’s every detail of the look that makes it so attractive. It is how every detail blends so well together creating a clean, fresh, flawless and pretty bridal look. Such wedding makeup makes a bride stand out without overpowering the groom.

Glittering Innocent Eyes

Korean eye makeup has that sweet innocent and sparkling look. It is not heavily strong yet it makes your eyes sparkle catching the eyes of many. This nice set of eyes is perfect for your wedding look. To capture this look requires makeup techniques and right set of tools. That’s why it is best to hire a professional makeup artist to do the magic. You can be sure you nail the look with our seasoned makeup artists.

Flushed Cheeks on Porcelain Skin

Not everyone is endowed with Korean-like porcelain skin but with the touch of a professional bridal makeup artist you can be as flawless as you want to be on your wedding day.  To have that flawless, soft and glowing skin, makeup artists make use of high end products that can last long. You can trust them cover up any blemishes or spots to create a perfect canvas for other makeup. Another signature look in Korean bridal makeup is that subtle blush on your cheeks. The application of blush will depend on the shape of your face. A makeup specialist knows how to apply blush that flatters the shape of your face.

Dewy Pink Lips

Korean bridal makeup creates a naturally beautiful wedding look. So for lips, you will fall in love with those soft pink lips. Your groom will definitely wish to say “I DO” and give you a kiss. Some Korean bridal makeup use smoky eyes so to stick with the natural look, they apply nude beige lipstick.

If you love the pretty natural look for your wedding, then go for Korean bridal makeup. We gathers the best bridal makeup artists who specialize on Korean Bridal Makeup. You can check their portfolios here.

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