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Glow in the Dark Face Paint

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Glow in the Dark Face Paint

No one understands the power of face painting as one of ways to transform yourself into a funky costume for parties like MARS company. The company enlisted the services of our face painters at its annual dinner themed “Glow in the dark”, which was held recently, at the Grand Lexis Hotel, Port Dickson.

Our team of professional experts led by Sandra left nothing to chance by employing their creativity to give each participant a funky look. Our team strives to use material that is safe and glows longer under UV exposure. Thus, this paint will glow brightly for hours once you charge only requiring a recharge once the glow diminishes.

Among the prominent colors that were used during the “Glow in the Dark” event are orange, yellow, white and green.

Overwhelming Response

The response to our glow face paint at the MARS’s dinner was overwhelming but Sandra and her team carefully and skillfully transformed those who were interested in the service into just about anything they wanted. From requests to have the arms, face, legs and hands painted to actual face painting, the teams were kept busy with hordes of people queuing up to have their “Glow in the Dark” painting.  Everyone wanted a piece of it.

A Night of Fun

The inclusion of the “Glow in the Dark” face paint literally set the mood of the night lighting up the atmosphere. More and more people had their face painting glowing when exposed to UV light. The Glow int the Dark paint truly made a difference.

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Glow In The Dark in Port Dickson


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Glow in the Dark Face Paint
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Glow in the Dark Face Paint
This was about a company hired our face painters with the special theme "Glow In the Dark" for their company event. Their employees enjoyed our painting art and made the atmosphere different....