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Fantasy Makeup Artist

We all know that when it comes to makeup the rule of the thumb these days is less is more. But this is not the case in fantasy makeup. This kind of makeup is akin to special effects makeup, that is, it does not simply enhance your looks but it ultimately transforms you. This calls for the expertise of a professional makeup artists but the question is, Where can you find a fantasy makeup artist in Malaysia?”

Now you don’t have to spend time researching for a skilled makeup artist for your fantasy makeup, we at Makeup Artist Malaysia are pleased to introduce you to the best fantasy makeup artists in town. Is it a Halloween makeup? Are you going to a costumed themed ball? Are you going to be a part of a stage production? Whatever occasion it is, we have the best makeup artist to create an enchanting look that matches your wish?

Different Kinds of Fantasy Makeup

Makeup Artists Malaysia caters to different kinds of fantasy makeup.

  • Fantasy Face Painting Makeup – It’s amazing how makeup creates a wonderful work of art by the touch of our talented makeup artist. Typical fantasy makeup includes:
  • Fairy Makeup – This is one of the most favorite fantasy makeup of all time. Makeup Artists Malaysia brings you an enchanted look that is meant to stand out. You will love looking at yourself in the mirror. Your looks will transcend you to a magical place like that of a fairy tale. Glittering makeup with blue and silver hues are favorites in creating this look.
  • Fantasy Makeup


  • Tiger or cat makeup or just about any kind of animal makeup – Our makeup artists have the hands of an expert to bring out the feline in you. You would look like you’re a part of Jungle King. You may even end up looking like one of the cast in the famous CATS production.

Other favorites for fantasy makeup includes vampire makeup, mermaid makeup, and butterfly makeup. Whatever kind of fantasy makeup you wish to have, call on our talented freelance makeup artists. They can turn you into a witch, an insect or even a mythical character. They can also do abstract fantasy makeup. You would definitely love our fantasy makeup creations. Our makeup artists are well-trained and have a strong number of years in experience.

For a whimsical look for any occasions, contact one of our talented freelance makeup artists. You can also check their portfolios to see their creations.

Additional Fantasy Makeup Tips:

Dress your character. Find an outfit that conveys your character. Plus accessorize with rhinestones, temporary tattoos, metallic accents and more on your face or even on other parts of your body. You can also go for body makeup. We also offer this kind of makeup.  Remember when it comes to fantasy makeup, you can be as creative as you wish to be. With the use of imagination and skills from our makeup artists you can transcend reality and enjoy the experience of another world with your stunning and enchanting looks.


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