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Children Makeup

Makeup is not often worn by kids so applying makeup on children can be a bit tricky. For kid’s makeup, better call on a professional to do the job for you. Makeup Artists Malaysia is here to make your children look dolled up for any occasion. We have the best professional makeup artists who can create fantastic makeup for children’s stage performances. They have a vast experience in stage makeup so you are sure to get the value for your money. They also do makeup for kids in beauty contest, weddings for flower girls and so much more.

Why choose us to do makeup for children?

  • Pretty and Creative – We make sure your child looks great with the kind of makeup that is just right for kids. You don’t want to make them look like a grown up woman with the kind of makeup they are wearing unless it is needed for a play. Our makeup artists also handled clients for stage makeup so your child will definitely look perfect on stage for talent contest and fashion events.


These makeup artists are also talented in creating fantasy makeup so you can call them if you are in need of children makeup for: Halloween party, character party, cosplay, plays, big events like group dancing, cultural dance, parade and other events that call for creative makeup.

  • Safe and Clean – Our makeup artists make use of mild makeup perfect for children’s delicate skin. You can be sure the makeup tools are also clean and sanitized. They also make use of high grade cosmetic products which are proven to be safe on any skin.
  • Friendly and Professional – Kids will be kids. Most of them are not used to having to sit down as someone does their hair and makeup. Getting them sit still might be a challenge. There’s nothing to worry when it comes to this. Our makeup artists are experienced in their field. They have 4 or more years in the industry. They have handled a lot of clients with different personalities. You can expect them to handle your child well. They are also friendly so your child would feel comfortable. Indeed, we can say we have the best children makeup artist.
  • Save time and enjoy the convenience – You don’t need to go to a beauty salon and make your kid’s attention span shorter. We have freelance makeup artists who can be there wherever you are at your convenience.  Makeup for kids is a lot easier when they are comfortable in the place. Our makeup artists can attend your kids at the comforts of your home.

We do not only offer children makeup services, we also offer the following services:

Makeup Artists Malaysia is pleased to help you make makeup opportunities more accessible with our following services:

  • Have fun with your employees with our team building makeup packages.
  • Open the doors to more opportunities. Advance your makeup career with us. Send your portfolio and team up with us so you can have more clients.

Whether it is children makeup or any other makeup, Makeup Artists Malaysia will be glad to serve you.


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