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 Avant Garde Makeup Artist

Simplicity is not found in the vocabulary of avant garde makeup. This kind of makeup goes beyond your natural look. It is fierce, creative and expressive. Such kind of makeup calls for a professional makeup artist. If you are in need of a avant garde makeup artist to create this look, then you are in the right place. Makeup Artists Malaysia is a team of creative makeup artists whose name is known in the bridal, fashion, photography and entertainment industry.

Avant Garde Makeup Ideas and Inspiration

There are many ways to create an avant garde makeup since in the first place it is meant to be artistic and unique. You can be as creative and use as much embellishments as you want. For more drama you can do the following:

  • Use bold or peculiar color of makeup
  • Have an inspiration or a theme. You can go for whimsical and enchanting like a fantasy makeup. You can go for goth inspired makeup.
  • Focus on the eyes, put heavy emphasis on the eyes when doing your makeup
  • Use other embellishments such as glitter and feathers.
  • For inspiration, you can get it from a character in films or in books, a celebrity, an animal, a fictional creature, a bird, time periods or any other form you wish to express. To make the task easier, contact one of our talented makeup artists. We can work together in creating the vision you would want in your avant garde makeup.

Why Choose usa for your Avant Garde Makeup Service

We are creative

Avant Garde makeup is often associated with high fashion makeup. You can see fashion models wearing such makeup in runway and in magazines. The name is derived from a French term that means advance guard which defines things that are fresh and unique and innovative.


We at Makeup Artists Malaysia takes pride in being composed of creative and talented makeup artists who can definitely deliver artistic makeup which will make you look like a model on runways or in advertisements in magazines.

We are updated with the latest trends and techniques in makeup.

To create a dramatic and beyond natural look requires the latest techniques in makeup. Our makeup artists are equipped with the skills and techniques to match the demand of an avant garde makeup. We have the best avant garde makeup artist that can cater to your needs.

We make use of high grade cosmetics.

Application of avant garde makeup makes use of professional quality makeup. Our avant garde makeup artists use professional quality makeup so you can be sure of fantastic results. You can check their portfolios to see their talent and creativity in making avant garde looks.

When to Go for an Avant Garde Makeup

We talked about having this makeup on fashion models during runway and photo shoots. So you might ask, “When can I go for an avant garde makeup if I am not at all modeling? Even average woman can rock this look for special occasion such as costume themed ball or for dance competitions.

For Enquiries

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